Outdoor Wedding Reception Food Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Outdoor Wedding Reception Food Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Let’s be real food takes up a large part of most wedding budgets. The best thing about hosting an outdoor wedding reception is the liberty to choose what you wish to serve at your reception and how you wish it served. Usually, with outdoor receptions, you can hire the wedding catering service in Houston of your choice.

Apart from the beautiful décor & special moments you share with your guests, the food you cater makes a huge impact. Listed below are some fabulous outdoor wedding food ideas that are sure to impress your guests.


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Appetizers at a wedding ceremony are always a must. With the day starting early and sentiments running high, offering a snack to your guests prior to dinner can be a lifesaver. Some hassle-free appetizer options are jumbo shrimp cocktails or rolled sandwiches. If you wish to take advantage of the summer season, vegetable trays and fresh fruits are refreshing and ideal for snacking.

For appetizers, think about food ideas that are small, yet satisfying without filling guests up. Your Houston wedding caterer can help you plan the best way to cater the appetizer(s) you choose.

Build-your-own sandwich bar and pasta bar:

If you love to customize your food, with a build-your-own sandwich bar, you can do just that. We know not everybody likes to eat the same stuff. With the different eating plans, diets, and food restrictions we come across these days, having the ability to pick your ingredients can be a massive crowd delight!

Pasta bars are also a wedding favorite! Most people like pasta, particularly when it is filled with the ingredients they have selected. The different pasta salads you can create for your outdoor wedding receptions are certainly endless.


You can never go wrong with a buffet at your outdoor wedding reception. A buffet is usually affordable than paying for each plate, and with a buffet, guests can pick and choose what they’d like to eat. Some great buffet options you can choose for your wedding reception include carved roasted turkey, stuffed chicken breasts, prime rib, or beef tenderloin.

If your wedding reception is more casual, you can go for a picnic-style buffet to match your wedding feel. You can include items such as burgers and brats, pulled pork or chicken, or grilled chicken sandwiches.

To make planning your wedding reception menu a bit easier, make sure you are hiring professional wedding catering in Houston. Get in touch with The Heights Catering at 832-444-9933.

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