Office Catering – How to Plan Your Budget

Office Catering – How to Plan Your Budget

Ordering & organizing meals for the office can be a tough task for the office manager who already has a lot to deal with. Estimating expenditures, tracking costs, and negotiating with an office caterer is enough to annoy anyone. Fortunately, with a clear catering budget in hand, organizing your next office catering in Houston TX doesn’t have to be an intimidating task.

Here are a few tips to stick with to make your catering budget worry-free.

Plan beforehand:

What is the secret to put together a successful office lunch? Obviously, planning beforehand! If you are aware that there’re events, client or team meetings on the calendar, prepare a list of probable menu items, and the expected number of guests. Then prepare a list of the right food choices for that event. Once you’ve a better insight of what you plan to have & how many you plan to serve, you contact a few local Houston catering services to avail their quote and choose one that fits your budget and needs.

Reassess past expenditures:

If you’ve hosted catered meetings or events earlier, have a glance through the receipts. Prepare a list of what you think worked best for the event & size of the past order. Relying upon your current meeting type and size, you can scale up or down from what you have spent previously. When reassessing previous data, think regarding previous caterers. Find out whether they gave you a great deal? Do you require the same volume of food? How many guests were you able to feed with the past budget? Such information on hand can help you justify your budget for your upcoming office catering in Houston TX.

Headcount is a must:

Having idea about how many people you want to feed is vital in setting a budget for your next office meeting. With headcount you can decide how many meal options you’ve to offer, if there’re dietary restrictions you’ve to consider, and what menu items make the most financial wisdom, like sandwiches verses plated entrees. Also, getting a precise headcount will let you easily find out the expenses for your meal & what else you need to add in your quote. Furthermore, headcounts are essential for assuring the quality of foods that you’ve for the event.

Having a good catering budget helps you make the most financially accountable decision for your office. The Heights Catering has meal options for every team lunch, client meeting and corporate event in and around Houston. From small office parties to large corporate events, we can cover each of your office catering needs. Visit our site now to see our full menu or place an order.