Professional Catering Services Know Better Ways to Cater To Post-COVID-19 Events and Weddings

Professional Catering Services Know Better Ways to Cater To Post-COVID-19 Events and Weddings

The Covid-19 pandemic is not going to disappear anytime soon. Keeping things in mind, most of the countries worldwide, including the USA, give relaxations to open and do all the work as normal while remaining a little bit cautious. With such relaxations, people are getting crazy to get back to their normal life, and some of them get prepared for organizing and celebrating their big wedding day as well! Some of them already chosen the date, venue, and time for weddings, reception, corporate party, team outing, birthday party, or any events. It is time to start planning the fun stuff like – theme, menu, stocking the bar, and so on. At The Heights Catering, we help you plan and manage your events effortlessly.

But, to accommodate the normal situations after COVID-19 is not so much easy as people thought. Like hordes of other businesses, catering companies are also worst affected by the pandemic situation. There is a sharp decline in clients, business links with different vendors, and much more, especially during peak wedding season due to such COVID-19 issue. The interruption of supply chains hampers the proper arrangement of any special occasion. However, we manage to organize things well and tackle all the monumental challenges faced by catering companies in the country. Let’s check how our wedding catering in Pearland goes a step forward to accommodate your post-COVID-19 big day events.

Focusing on hygiene to win customers trust

Our wedding catering in Pearland aims to provide and maintain the best hygiene to win our customers’ trust. We spend time in redefining training and food handling protocols for our employees. We comply with the rules and guidelines recommended by the authority as well. Our wedding catering in Pearland always keep a severe focus on sanitization in food preparation areas, kitchens, and serving zones. Once we return to our work, we reassure our clients and their guests about hygiene and win their confidence.

Local Foods will be the Superhero

Covid-19 gives a massive blow to the supply chains and makes it challenging to get the materials for preparing some delicious food for your appetite. Our catering team goes a step forward to work on reframing the menus based on locally-sourced ingredients. So the interruption in global supply chains cannot disrupt our catering service, and we will manage to serve some innovative dishes from local products for our clients.

Reduced Workforce

Due to the significant impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, we reduce our workforce as well. However, our Pearland catering services are getting training to handle any situation accurately while keeping them safe and hygienic practices in mind.

Smaller Menus

Big fat weddings and gatherings are put on hold, indefinitely! Since the COVID-19 brings an economic impact, people will prefer smaller groups with smaller menus, to cut down costs. We innovate unique dishes and exquisitely prepared for your guests, assuring your guests will surely be pleased with the menus.

No More Buffets

Buffets increase the fear of food contamination, and it can be a normal feeling that remains on every guest’s mind. We don’t advise it for social gatherings rather serve the guests at tables. We also remove sharing and self-serve menus from social gatherings to minimize human interactions.

The Coronavirus crisis presents unexpected challenges. Taking proactive decisions will help us get back on our feet and continue serving our patrons with the best cuisine. We gave our staff adequate training and changed our working procedures, ensuring the most hygiene & safety of our clients. We do everything without compromising on our Quality.