River Oaks Catering – Different Types of Catering Services!

River Oaks Catering – Different Types of Catering Services!

Great foods are the highlight of every event – whether big or small. Corporate events, whether they are annual presentations or retirement parties, offer an opportunity to collaborate. For your function/event to exceed or live up to its potential, your plan should accommodate all your guests’ needs effectively. In most cases, this accommodation includes some kind of food. And arranging food this many people can cause you a lot of stress.

In such a case, hiring the best River Oaks catering is often the best option. At The Heights Catering, the best River Oaks event center, we understand the significance of every event and will work closely with you to make sure we consider every detail and succeed in every expectation. Our best River Oaks catering staff will create delicious menus that will reflect your vision and objective.

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We work with every client to deliver professional service and top quality cuisines and handle everything with attention to detail.

In this post, we are going to discuss the various types of catering that will help you to select the one for your wedding.


corporate catering

Our corporate catering River Oaks will depend on the level and size of the function you host. We can accommodate every function ranging from small gatherings to fancy dinners. Corporate events require a specific type of structure when catering for them. Some companies prefer a small open bar while others opt for a small food tasting session.

Corporate functions are elegant, relaxed and we cater to it concerning this fact.


Wedding caterings in Houston

Wedding caterings are the most common forms of large-scale catering. One of the most crucial aspects of a wedding is the reception, which focuses on the food offered to guests. And this can be tricky since you need to have a rough estimation of the number of people to attend the wedding.

Aside from the food and the wine, River Oaks wedding catering service is also in charge of table settings and displays, which varies for different functions. So when sourcing for a reputed caterer, it is essential to hire one with ample wedding catering experience.



Baby and bridal showers, birthdays, retirement – always call for celebration. These functions are more intimate and demand attention to detail, specifically when it comes to catering. As these events tend to be small-themed, always strive to put effort to serve clients’ specific dietary needs. Also, pay attention to people’s allergens and note them down to avoid cases of inflamed allergies rising from the cold intake. Take cultural beliefs into consideration to avoid the mishap of providing prohibited foods during such gatherings.


Large music concerts, major sporting events, and public events fall into this category. While planning for such events on your own can be a nightmare, hiring the best River Oaks catering will be the best option to cater to a large mass.

In a Nutshell,

Understanding the different types of River Oaks catering services will help you make an informed choice when choosing one for your gathering. The food at your event is more important than your event itself since it brings people together. As people have varying dietary needs and tastes, aligning with the menu keeping all these points in mind will make for an unforgettable event.

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