How Do You Plan An Office Christmas Party?

How Do You Plan An Office Christmas Party?

So Christmas and New Year are a few days ahead. It slowly starts getting colder in the office and time for celebration with your coworkers. Christmas and New Year parties in the office can be great fun, and we have so many creative ideas and catering option that assure to hit with everyone. With Christmas fast approaching, you may have been given the task of organizing you. With plenty to remember, it can be daunting from the get-go. Let’s have a look at what you may need to organize:

Activities for office Christmas party

Events and businesses in the office party is an opportunity to get your team together, discovering hidden talents and building team spirit. Small games, solving puzzles, dance, and music are brilliant activities to accommodate all invitees. Everyone will get an opportunity to participate in each event together for maximum competition and fun!

  • Christmas tree – The best looking Christmas tree wins the game! Excellent communication is essential as teammates assemble and decorate a Christmas tree while blindfolded!
  • Balloon modeling or making Christmas hat using balloons
  • Designing and decorating fabulous Christmas cake
  • Design and build an outfit for Christmas fairy, fit for the top of a Christmas tree. Nominated fairy models used it for a catwalk and judged!
  • Creating the most cringe-worthy Christmas jumper, they can think of with given a plain jumper and craft materials!
  • Work in teams to use build statues or mask with newspaper & sell the tape.
  • Learn and play Christmas tunes on piano for the ultimate test of teamwork and communication!
  • Several competitions between the team to decide which team can give the best
  • Puzzle-time, Festive team games enhance creativity, collaboration, healthy competition, problem-solving, and organization communication. Guests will work together on some Christmas-themed team building puzzles to solve.

Food Ideas for Office Christmas party

Food Ideas for Office Christmas party

So you’re planning to organize your office’s Christmas party. Apart from other elements, the dietary requirements are the most significant request for Christmas and New Year catering in Houston. Make sure you know someone with exceptional talent to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary hassle on the day. But what about the Christmas cookies, holiday treats, and winter foods that we all crave this time of year? Our Office Catering experts in Houston, TX, can take the stress right out of arranging your Christmas and New Year catering, and with a wide range of menus and party packages available. We assure you that we have the best for everyone. So if you’re looking for both shared or fully exclusive Christmas and New Year catering, The Heights Catering can provide you with something unique to suit your needs, no matter the number, location, time, or budget.

We help you show off our catering flair by serving tried and tested favorites that fit best to your Christmas and the festive season. You can also get a creative menu that truly entices old and new clients. In today’s ‘foodie’ age, it’s a wise idea to be able to cater for people with a wide range of dietary requirements. We are committed to ensuring gluten-free diners have heaps of tantalizing options left. We include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, meat, seafood, and non-flavored dairies like milk, cheese, and yogurt from the local market. Ultimately we give our best effort for catering small to big size Christmas and New Year catering and perhaps offering a service that others aren’t!

When it comes to food in an office catering in Houston, precise planning and discussion is the key. It is not only for an appetizer but for special dietary requirements. It let your guest enjoy, stay together and relish the food and drink with lots of fun.



Buffets, wine are the greatest pleasures in any Christmas and New Year catering. It is the time to indulge, and your guests must wish to fill their plates more than once! Buffets are the ideal option for office catering, and it can happen at any time of the day. The invitees can help themselves to the dishes they prefer. However, it is essential to bear in mind that it involves a bit more costly due to the involvement of extra service staff. You should not worry about any stress as we have buffets that suit all budgets and cuisine preferences with all other variables considered.

Wine party:

Wine party

There are several ways to rejoice the Christmas or New Year party with your colleagues. Getting the right wines to pair with your buffet dishes is a straightforward way. We assure you make the right choice and offer you a variety of wines including white, red, and sparkling and of course, a non-alcoholic option to pair with different meats and appetizers. Fortunately, we can be your wine guru for the night and can provide you with wine, Champagne, and sparkling at wholesale prices!

How to choose a right caterer

Finding an excellent office catering in Houston can be tricky because you have numerous options available. Take time to verify the quality and reliability of their services, so you only get the best value for your money. Christmas or New Year is the festive season that makes you and your guests indulge when it comes to food and drink. Choosing an experienced office catering service in Houston for your office Christmas party is significant. We know the need for the situation, varying tastes that the clients desire, likes and dislikes, and the style of food to suit everyone without any headache. We provide fantastic office catering that can rescue an event that’s on the rock. We also understand bad catering can be a nightmare scenario! It will almost always send guests to the doors. We know any negligence in Office Catering can make or break your Christmas and New Year catering in Houston, We also appreciate the fact that your guests will probably not remember much about the entertainment or decoration, but surely remember their meal was remarkable! We always care for it and give significant enough as the quality, flavor, and appearance of the food and beverages we serve in your event.

We are one of the reputed Office Catering in Houston, TX. We have got extensive expertise and experience and in the industry, and we can give significant budgetary decisions for your Christmas and New Year catering in Houston. Our planning has a significant influence on your budget, food costs, and quantities. We are best known for our expertise, and some of it is mentioned under

Responsiveness and personal interest in your needs
Capability to handle your specific need
Flexibility regarding menu options
Willingness to provide tastings
Familiarity with the venue
Provide the services as promised in the contract
An experienced chef and kitchen staff

Christmas and New Year parties are the perfect time to get together and spend some time with coworkers. Properly organized office party catering ensures you stick to something you know everyone will enjoy. If you want to save your time, then check out our healthy, wholesome food and a considerable choice menu for your office catering in Houston! We can wow your clients with a seasonal cake or dish seasonal drink favorites like apple cider or hot chocolate. We assure you to offer something beyond your typical restaurant fare. We can demonstrate how great our chefs are to your clients and guests and make a good impression. A contract with our office catering in Houston TX spells out precisely what food, beverages, and services we provide on the designated day!